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U.S.A. / 2015 / ENGLISH / 82 MIN


Stand Down Soldier, directed by Jeryl Prescott, is a compelling narrative that delves into the complex realities faced by African American women in the military. The film follows the journey of Sergeant Stacy Armstrong as she returns home from multiple deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, battling the invisible wounds of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The film adeptly portrays the struggles of reintegrating into society, family life, and finding a sense of normalcy after the life-altering experiences of war and adds another layer to Sergeant Armstrong’s challenges by addressing the unique trauma associated with being a woman in the military. It explores the difficulties she faces in a predominantly male environment, including gender-based discrimination and the additional mental health stresses that arise from such experiences.

Stand Down Soldier not only highlights the personal battles of Sergeant Armstrong but also sheds light on broader themes such as the mental health issues faced by women veterans, the lack of adequate support systems, and the specific experiences of African American soldiers. It is a poignant reflection on the sacrifices and unseen scars of war, emphasizing the need for greater understanding and support for veterans' mental health.

As Sergeant Armstrong struggles with the transition back to civilian life, the film portrays her battle against not only the trauma of combat but also the internal conflicts stemming from her experiences as a female soldier. These experiences include navigating a system that often lacks sufficient support for the specific needs of women veterans.

This film is particularly relevant for discussions in Africana and Women Studies for its exploration of intersecting themes of race, gender, and military service. It provides a unique perspective on the African American military experience, particularly focusing on the often-overlooked narratives of women veterans. This film is a poignant reminder of the need for greater awareness and support for all veterans, especially those facing compounded challenges due to their gender and race.

Writer, director, producer, and lead actress in Stand Down Soldier, Jeryl Prescott - an actress best known for her portrayal of Jacqui in The Walking Dead - started writing the award-winning script for Stand Down Soldier after conversations with female family members and friends from her home state of SC who served in Afghanistan and Iraq.

 “It was both revelatory and refreshing to see that a film about a soldier’s return home from active duty in Iraq is focused on a woman.”  ~ Highbrow Magazine
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Stand Down Soldier is a poignant film about an African-American female soldier back to civilian life after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. This film took me by surprise, and I really enjoyed it.” ~ Film Monthly.

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Director: Jeryl Prescott
Starring: Jeryl Prescott
Starring: Maria Russell
Starring: Harry Lennix


  • Drama