100 DAYS

100 DAYS

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100 DAYS

"Set in the breathtaking natural beauty of the Rwanda countryside, this fist ever fiction film made about the Rwanda civil war tells a powerful story of genocide and human survival with compassion and integrity. The film centers on a pair of young lovers; Bapiste is more than ready to have sex with his girlfriend Josette, but she refuses, arguing that when they are married they can have all the sex they would like.

Meanwhile, powerful Hutu leaders have had enough of Tutsi rebels and call on all Hutus to kill their Tutsi neighbors. As chaos breaks out, the Tutsis flee and the lovers are separated. Josesette and her family find solace in a Catholic church run by a Hutu priest. The Catholic Church, the state, and the French army look the other way as bloodshed ensues.

When the Belgian army sent in to protect the church is called away on an emergency, the Hutus attack and massacre hundreds of women and children. Josette is saved by the priest who obliges her to become his concubine and repeatedly rapes her. She miraculously survives, but she is only a husk of the woman that she was. As the Tutsis regroup, they exact terrible revenge. ~ Jonathan Crow, All Movie Guide

“It’s the images in 100 Days that graze the soul… There’s nothing anonymous about this nightmare” ~ Wesley Morris, Boston Globe

“Docudrama filmmaking at its finest” ~ Dennis Harvey, Variety

100 Days succeeds as drama, and succeeds in telling the truth” ~ Mark Doyle, BBC

Rwanda/U.K,2001,96 mins,drama in English, Nick Hughes, dir. This film premiered at the 2001 Toronto Film Festival and at more than 40 international film festivals.

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