* FIPRESCI Award, International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg 2022, Germany
* VISIONARY AWARD , Cinequest 2022

Confronted with a series of racially charged incidents, a young black man must overcome rage, alienation, and hopelessness in order to find his own humanity.

The young black man, simply identified as “Man,” must resolve the personal meaning of his blackness when his white boss orders him to commit fraud to benefit the corporation. Struggling with an overwhelming sense of shame for going through with the illegal demand, Man seeks consolation by discussing his unease with a black former friend and his white fiancé. Those conversations lead only to further confusion and frustrations...

Following on the footstep of the LA Rebellion filmmakers, Skinner Myers tells a very personal and intimate Black story in a radically non-traditional cinematic style as a means to express freely his feelings as a Black man in America.

By Skinner Myers, USA, 2021, 72min, Drama, English


 "A superb character study of a black man, how he sees himself and how he was treated by society, it is surreal yet real and terrifying." ~ Ulkar Alakbarova,

"Remaining asleep to Myers as an African-American is a sin, but so is to be completely awake to the point where love for the self is all but embraced. In this impassioned, vigorous, lucid cinematic journey, the bleak, bruised-yet-fighting spirit of one Kendrick Lamar’s and every other prominent African artist strikes like lightning, and resonates like thunder. Like the greats, Myers, is a voice in his lane to place one’s focus on; his artistry effortlessly commanding, a feat implying many more to be accomplished in a budding career in American independent filmmaking." LOUIE BAHAROM,





NYADIFF New York, NY  November 26
Cinema Village New York, NY December 3
Laemmle LA, CA December 3
Plaza Theatre Atlanta, GA December 10
The Black Cinema Series, Little Theatre Rochester, NY January 21
Gateway Film Center Columbus, OH January 21

SF IndieFest

San Francisco, CA February 3
Roxie Theatre San Francisco, CA February 11
Vancity Theater Vancouver, BC February 11
Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Pittsburgh, PA February 18
Dairy Arts Center Boulder, CO February 23
Austin Film Society Austin, TX March 28