Power Alley PosterPower Alley (Levante) by Lillah Halla - 2023 Cannes Film Festival Semaine de la Critique selection - is a gripping Brazilian drama that weaves a tale of personal struggle and societal challenges.
Set in São Paulo, it follows Sofia, a spirited teen volleyball player from a modest background, whose life takes a dramatic turn when she faces an unwanted pregnancy. In a society marred by rigid conservatism and restrictive women’s rights, Sofia's story becomes a fight for autonomy and identity.
She is surrounded by a supportive team, including trans and non-binary members making the film a vivid exploration of queer sisterhood and resilience against the odds. 
A poignant narrative promises to engage and inspire audiences, bringing a fresh, powerful voice to critical contemporary issues.
Directed by Lilah Halla, 2023, 99 Min, Brazil/Uruguay/France, Drama, Portuguese (with English subtitles)

"A punchy, confrontational energy infuses this celebration of queer sisterhood in the face of Brazilian conservatism,"  Screen Daily

"The context of the team environment being a highly queer space, complete with trans and non-binary players... gives the notion of overcoming an unwanted pregnancy a unique charge: with a far-right, Bolsonaroist group catching wind of her situation as neighborhood gossip circulates...," Cineuropa



Festival City/State Date
Palm Spring International Film Festival Palm Springs, CA January 6, 2024
PAFF Los Angeles, CA February 10, 2024
Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies Milwaukee, WS April 4, 2024
Cleveland International Film Festival 48 Cleveland, OH April 4 & 6, 2024
Bureau du Festival cinéma du monde de Sherbrooke Quebec, Canada April 13, 2024
TIFF Toronto, Canada April 13, 2024
OUTshine Film Festival Miami, Fl April 19, 2024
CASCADIA International Women's Film Festival Bellingham, WA April 26, 2024
MFAH Films Houston, TX  June 28, 204