After fighting censorship for two years in Brazil, MARIGHELLA is now #1 at the Box Office in Brazil!

Marighella is a Brazilian action drama set in 1969 based on the life of Afro-Brazilian politician and guerrilla fighter Carlos Marighella. Facing a violent military dictatorship and with little support from a timid opposition, writer-turned-politician Carlos Marighella organizes a resistance movement. Alongside revolutionaries 30 years younger than him and willing to fight, the revolutionary leader opts for action. The film is adapted from the biography Marighella - O Guerrilheiro que Incendiou o Mundo, by Mario Magalhaes. Brazilian musical artist, songwriter, and actor Seu Jorge plays Carlos Marighella.

Directed by Wagner Moura, 2019, Brazil, 155min, historical action drama, Portuguese w/ English subtitles

ADIFF New York, NY Starts April 30
Cinemapolis Ithaca, NY Starts April 30
Hayti Heritage Center Durham, NC
Starts Nov. 11
Lumiere Cinema Los Angeles, CA Starts May 7



Cinemapolis Ithaca, NY Starts April 30
Laemmle Theatre Los Angeles, CA Starts April 30
Cinema Tropical New York, NY  Starts April 30
Belcourt Cinema Nashville, TN Starts April 30
Cinema Arts Theater Fairfax, VA Starts April 30
ACME Screening Room Lambertville, NJ Starts April 30
Rafael Film Center San Rafael, CA Starts April 30
AFI Washington, DC Starts April 30
Aperture Cinema Winston-Salem, NC Starts April 30
BAM New York, NY Starts April 30
Cinemapolis Ithaca, NY Starts April 30
Cinema Lamont Hamtramck, MI Starts April 30
Nightlight Cinema Akron, OH Start April 30
SIFF Seattle, WA Starts May 7