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Maluala - directed by Sergio Giral
Maluala - directed by Sergio Giral
Director: Licinio Azevedo
From: Mozambique
Year: 2005African Film Minutes: 58
Language: Portuguese with English subtitles
Genre: Comedy

In the suburb of an African city, 12 years-old Paito sells fritters outside his house. One day, a band of young robbers takes his money. He decides he’s not going to go home until he recovers what he lost. With this in mind, he heads out for the big city on the same train as the thieves. Looking for work, he begins to live in a market square that at night becomes a dormitory for homeless vendors. There he meets Xano, a boy his age, whose insolent behavior and fearlessness attract him. Unlike Paito, Xano despises work and he steals. Despite their differences, they become friends. Together, they reinvent the world.

VHS sale: $90
DVD sale: $195