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Faraw!  Mother of the Dunes -
Faraw!  Mother of the Dunes

Director: Abbdoulaye Ascofaré
From: Mali
Year: 1997 - Minutes: 90
Language: Songhoï with English subtitles
Genre: drama
Format: 35mm
Niche: Africa, Women

Zamiatou is the mother of two quarrelsome boys and a depressed teenage girl. She is also the wife of a man arrested for political reasons who returns from prison mentally and physically destroyed. She struggles hard to survive in a poor and desolate area. She is ready to face anything to keep the family alive except prostituting her beautiful daughter. Her determination will take her far from her family…

35mm rental: $250
video sale: $90
DVD sale: $295
DVD entitled GREAT AFRICAN FILMS - VOL 1 - also includes feature film Haramuya