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Denying Brazil - Joel Zito Araujo
Denying Brazil - Joel Zito Araujo

Director: Joel Zito Araujo
From: Brazil
Year: 2000 African Film Minutes: 92
Language: Portuguese with English subtitles
Genre: documentary
Format: 35mm
Niche: Racial discrimination, TV industry

AWARDS: Best Documentary Feature Screenplay, 2001 National Documentaries Competition, Brazilian Ministry of Culture; Best film of the Brazilian Competition and Best Research - 6th International Documentary Film Festival - It’s All True 2001. São Paulo/Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Gilberto Freire Film Award and Best Screenplay - 5th Recife Film Festival- 2001. Recife, Brazil.

A documentary film about the taboos, stereotypes, and struggles of Black actors in Brazilian television "soaps." Based on his own memories and on a sturdy body of research evidence, the director analyzes race relations in Brazilian soap operas, calling attention to their likely influence on Black people's identity-forming processes.

"As a sociological dissection on how popular entertainment can shape racial prejudice and help to build racial justice, 'Denying Brazil' is a strong and significant work of intelligence."  - Phil Hall, Filmthreat

35mm rental: $250
DVD sale: $195