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Le Damier, Papa National Oyé! - The Draughtsmen Clash
Le Damier, Papa National Oyé!

Director: Bakupa Kanyinda Balufu
From: Democratic Republic of Congo (former Zaire) & Gabon
Year: 1996 - Minutes: 40
Language: French w/ English subtitles
Genre: comedy

A wicked political satire about African dictators, this film tells the story of the president of a fictitious African nation who spends a sleepless night playing checkers with a pot-smoking vagabond who is claimed to be the "all-around champion". However the rules of the game entail opponents howling vulgar and foul obscenities at one another. The Champion proceeds to insult, and trounce the President. His reward - and fate - are not exactly unexpected in this hilarious send-up of living under tyranny.

35mm rental: $195
16mm rental: $145
video sale: $90
DVD sale: $195