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Ava and Gabriel - directed by Felix de Rooy
Ava and Gabriel - directed by Felix de Rooy

Director: Zara M. Yacoub
From: Chad
Year: 1999African Film Minutes: 26
Language: Arabic dialectal/French with English subtitles
Genre: drama

Eleven year old Mariam works as a domestic to provide for her guardian, her unemployed Uncle Djimet, and his family. Mariam wakes up early each day to go to work while Djimet, his wife Isabelle and their children are still asleep. Mariam works as an all-purpose maid, housekeeper, cook and baby sitter for the Nadji family. With her many tasks, she is constantly under pressure from Nadji and his son Moussa, and must answer to the whims of his wife, and young children. One day, Mariam is arrested for having unwittingly thrown rubbish in a prohibited place. She is detained for five days in prison without her uncle or employer even inquiring of her whereabouts. "Childhood destroyed" denounces the living conditions of young girls in Chad in a delicate yet powerful way.

Runner-up BET Movies Award for the Best Film Directed by a Woman of Color. ADFF 2000

video sale: $145