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Stand Down Soldier


Life of women after military service is seldom portrayed in films. The drama Stand Down Soldier tells the story of Sergeant Stacy Armstrong who returns home from three deployments suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Soon after her return, she and her husband realise their 20-year marriage is about to be another casualty of war. Infidelity, addiction, and a tragic accident test the couple’s commitment.

This fiction film explores some of the issues many returning soldiers confront in their civil life including mental health issues, loneliness, and drug addiction.

Stand Down Soldier is directed, produced and stars Jeryl  Prescott Sales (The Birth of a Nation, The Walking Dead). 2015, USA, 82mins, drama, English.



"Writer, director, producer, and lead actress in STAND DOWN SOLDIER," Jeryl is an actress best know for her portrayal of Jacqui in The Walking Dead...

She started writing the award winning script for "Stand Down Soldier" after conversations with female family members and friends from her home state of SC who served in Afghanistan and Iraq.  The film premiered at the National Black Theater & Film festival in NC, where she owns a home. She is currently bicoastal, also working in CA, and hosting special screenings of Stand Down Soldier in Los Angeles as well. 



 "Stand Down Soldier portrays the return from combat tours in the Mid-East of a female, African-American Sgt. Written, directed and starring Jeryl Prescott-Sales of the "Walking Dead," it is a penetrating look at the trauma faced by soldiers seeking to re-establish the life, loves and relationships they left and a Veterans Affairs system that fails them. Yet, it is the trauma inflicted by rape at the hands of a fellow combatant which makes "Stand Down Soldier" a unique, compelling, must-be-seen film. While much discussion of the role of women-in-combat and the debilitating effects of combat related PTS has occurred... the war-time reality of rape, especially that of the African-American woman at the hands of a "white cohort" has been ignored. Bombs may burn the body but rape sears the spirit and the soul. In the end, it is her community, her loved ones and her strength that lead her back home from a place African-American women had left behind generations ago. Kudos to Ms. Prescott-Sales...she has done her "sisters-in-uniform" proud." ~ Former radio personnality Sanford Moore

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