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Director: John Kani
From: South Africa
Year:2008 Minutes: 78
Language: English
Genre: Drama

Nothing But The Truth is a gripping investigation into the complex dynamic between those blacks who remained in South Africa and risked their lives to lead the struggle against apartheid and those who returned victoriously after living in exile. In New Brighton, South Africa, 63-year-old librarian Sipho Makhaya prepares for the return of the ashes of his brother Themba, recently deceased while in exile in London after gaining a reputation as a hero of the anti-apartheid movement. Internationally recognized, multiple award-winning actor John Kani is the lead actor in this film version of the internationally acclaimed award-winning play Nothing But The Truth which he also authored.

“A deeply felt portrait that delicately weaves the extraordinary and the ordinary in its characters' lives.” - New York Times


Fespaco 2009- Silver Stallion; Peace Prize
Milan African Film Festival 2009 - Best African Film; Catholic Peace Prize
Youande Film Festival 2009 - Best Film
Harare Film Festival 2009 - Best Film

Journalist Katrina Manson At FESPACO, OUAGADOUGOU (Reuters) writes:

" [...] Several entries among this year's competition (at FESPACO 2009) have raised a critical voice and urged change on the continent.

In the South African film "Nothing But The Truth," which won second prize, director and lead actor John Kani plays a librarian denied promotion, and who believes post-apartheid freedom's dividends have not been realized. In real life Kani's brother was shot dead in a church by police while reading a poem at the grave of a nine-year old girl killed during an anti-apartheid riot."

DVD sale: $295
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