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The Man Who Mends Women


The Man Who Mends WomenPortrait of the impressive life and work of internationally renowned gynecologist Dr. Denis Mukwege from the Democratic Republic of Congo. He received the 2014 prestigious Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, for his struggle against sexual violence. Mukwege medically assisted over 40,000 sexually abused women in sixteen years of professional practice. He is a winner of the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize for his work.

Sexual violence against women has been used as a weapon of war for years in the violence-ridden and poverty-stricken Democratic Republic of Congo. In order to provide medical, psychological and emotional aid to the victims, Dr. Mukwege founded the Panzi hospital in Bukavu in 1999. Besides his work as a physician Dr. Mukwege also defends human rights and seeks to raise global awareness on the issue of sexual violence in his country. He condemns the political reluctance to tackle the problem and is not afraid to hit the nail on the head.

His work is not without danger, as Dr. Mukwege experienced in 2012, when armed men entered his home and started shooting. Mukwege and his family survived the attack, but his guard was killed. The doctor now lives cloistered in his hospital in Bukavu under the protection of the United Nation peacekeepers. The women, whose physical and emotional integrity and dignity have been restored, stand beside him, true activists for peace, and hungry for justice.

Directed by Thierry Michel and Colette Braeckman, 2015, Belgium/Congo, 113min, documentary in French, English, Swahil and Mashi with English subtitles.

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The Man Who Mends Women - The Wrath of Hippocrates was awarded on the 8th of February 2016 the Best Documentary Magritte given once a year by  the  Académie  André Delvaux to the Best Feature Length Belgium Francophone Documentary of the year. 

It also received on January 29, 2016  the HUMANUM AWARD by the Belgium Film  Critic Union (Union de la Presse Cinématographique Belge - UPCB) for its advocacy in  favor of harmonious living among different peoples.

Other awards include:
* Best Documentary Special Jury Award at the 2016 Pan African Film Festival, in Los Angeles (USA);
* Special Mention at the Festival Internacional De Cine Documental De La Ciudad de Mexico 2015 (Mexico);
* The Public Award at the Algiers International Film Festival 2015 (Algeria);
* The Golden Butterfly - A Matter of Act award at the Movies That Matter Festival 2015 (The Netherlands)

The film has received so far 5 Human Rights Awards, 3 Audience Awards, and 4 Grand Prizes for Best Documentary in festivals worldwide!

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